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Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Jewish Learning Committee's overall purpose is to provide and promote to Temple Sinai congregants Jewish educational programs that enhance desire for lifelong learning and study of Torah and that deepen understanding of religious/spiritual, ethical, cultural, and historical aspects of Judaism, thereby enabling Reform Jews to make the reasoned choices by which to live and act.

Lifelong Learning Event - November 23, 2014
"Jews in the New Golden Age of Television"

Life Long Learning - Lunch and Learn
Sunday, November 23, 2014
1:15 PM
Lifelong Learning News Issue #2 for 2014-2015 -- October
Here is the update on lifelong learning activities, covering: (1) recent events at Temple Sinai, (2) upcoming events at or associated with Temple Sinai, (3) other upcoming events in the broader community, and (4) how to learn at home.