It's a Perfect Match! - High Holiday Appeal Special Matching Program

We are excited to let you know that a generous donor, committed to the vibrant future of Temple Sinai, has committed to match all New Year Appeal gifts from a first time contributor or a donor with an increase from last year.  If you haven’t previously sent the Temple a New Year Appeal gift, please do so now so that the Temple receives all $10,000 of this matching grant.  When sending in your High Holiday Appeal gift please consider multiples of Chai($18) or Koach ($28).   Please submit the blue card you received at home or in your Book of Honor, or simply indicate your donation amount here on our website.  (select New Year's Appeal from the drop down menu below). You will be directly billed.  If you have questions on the match or would like additional details not mentioned above, please email Audrey at Audrey@templesinainj.orgTemple Sinai is a 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization.  

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