Gifts to Temple Sinai can be given to a wide variety of "funds" dedicated to particular purposes.

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General Fund: Supports the day to day programming, operations and professional staffing of our congregation.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund: Used by Rabbi Gershon to meet congregational, individual and community needs.

Cantor's Discretionary Fund: Allows Cantor Shemesh to enhance musical programming in our congregation.

Executive Director's Discretionary Fund: Allows the Executive Director to assist Temple Members who need financial support to participate in Temple Programs and to support facility projects selected by the Executive Director.

Educator's Discretionary Fund: Allows the Director of Education to purchase items for the school which are not directly budgeted.

New Year's Appeal: Helps defray some of our annual operating costs

Behrman Memorial: The memorial, located in the Sanctuary to the right of the windows, serves as a Roll of Remembrance. Names of those whose Yahrzeits are being observed are illuminated on the appropriate Friday night. Call the Temple Office for further information.

Caring Committee Fund: Supports the projects of the Caring Committee

Lillian Cohen Memorial: This memorial, to the left of the windows in the Sanctuary, provides a permanently visible Roll of Remembrance, with individual plaques bearing the name and dates of the person to be remembered. Call the Temple Office for further information.

Eric James Sobel Memorial Scholarship Fund:Supports "College Connections," the Temple's program for university youth.

Lifelong Learning Fund: Support of the routine and on-going activities of the Lifelong Learning Committee.

Library Fund: Purchases adult and children's books for the Library. A bookplate with the name of the person being honored or remembered is placed in each book purchased through a contribution to the fund.

Prayer Book Fund: Helps to pay for new prayer books.

Social Action Fund: Donations support the projects of the Social Action Committee, including the Hospitality for the Homeless program.

Theda D. Radin Memorial Fund: Provides financial support to Temple Sinai students needing assistance with Religious School and Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation expenses.