Hebrew High School

Our grades 8-12 teen program is the "gem" in our system, providing formal learning and community service projects in an informal discussion based environment, with great relevance to the lives of our teens.

Temple Sinai High School is an outstanding program for students in grades 8-12, with formal and informal educational/experiential components. The high school includes the Grade 10 Confirmation, along the way to Grade 12 Graduation. We are so proud of our unique high school program and encourage every student to enter grade 8 and to continue through grade 12. This program is a “gem” in our educational system.

Our students enjoy a core curriculum at each grade level, as well as two semesters of elective courses. In addition, students participate in the Temple Sinai High School Community Service Program. They enjoy a weekly “Snack & Social” period, a time to hang out and enjoy refreshments together between courses.

Merging Formal and Non-Formal Jewish Education, Trips:

Rabbi Gershon’s College trip; the grade 10 Confirmation trip to NYC; the grade 10, 11 & 12 trip to the Reform Action Center in Washington D.C. and the Grade 10 Social Action Day with Habitat for Humanity.

The TSHS Contemporary Issues Forum

We have planned two special “High School Forums.” Conducted during regular school time, these programs highlight contemporary issues and utilize combinations of multi-media, Jewish arts, group discussion and social action.

Forum I - November 4, 10:00AM
Forum II - January 27, 10:00AM

Temple Sinai High School Youth Group

All students in the High School are automatically members of the Youth Group. The Youth Group, under the direction of Claudia Greenman, facilitates Tikkun Olam opportunities for the high school community, reaching out to the less fortunate in our community and in the world community. We train Jewish leaders!

Our Core Curriculum:

Grade Eight Contemporary Teen Issues Through the Lens of Torah
Judy Rosen, Instructor

Grade Nine Highlights of Jewish History and Current Events
Jack Lorber, Instructor

Grade Ten Confirmation Topics: Jewish Spirituality and the application of Jewish ethics to contemporary issues.
Rabbi Gershon and Cantor Merel, Instructors

Grade Eleven Jewish Texts & their application in our lives today; Jewish & College Bound
Tzivia Wachsman, Instructor

Grade Twelve Comparative Religion; Comparative Judaism; Leadership in the Jewish Community
Karen Rosen, Instructor

Sample High School Elective Courses:
Women in the Bible
Israel through Contemporary Lyrics
Great Jewish Historical Moments
Jewish Music, Dance, Crafts
Jewish Ethical Dilemmas for Teens
Message of the Prophets
What is Revelation?
Comparative Religion

College Transcript Program
We are pleased to provide a transcript of successfully completed courses, for our students to submit along with college applications. We are proud of the coursework our students enjoy.