Renaissance Group

Membership is open to any congregant age 50 or older. This is a fun-loving group that pursues a variety of activities, including trips and educational experiences.
For Renaissance Group questions, please email Pam Heller at

Renaissance Group Overview and Events

Renaissance is more than a group of individuals and couples who are members of Temple Sinai aged 50 and beyond. It is a spirit, a gathering of friends to share joy, adventure and discovery. It binds us to each other and to the Temple. The adhesive filament could take the form of a lecture, praying at a Shabbat service, or a game night with card playing, Scrabble and Mah Jongg. Whether making new friends or solidifying existing relationships, we seek Renaissance for the comfort of being together. It is also a conduit for pursuing interesting activities and having fun. We welcome all who want to participate.
Newcomers and fun-loving "over 50s," please consider this a special invitation to join. Our goal is to transcend age, to meet with long time friends or new friends of a short while, and to enjoy stimulating, interesting and exciting pastimes together. For membership information, please email Pam Heller at  Please join us!