Ritual Committee

A diverse group of congregants who work with the Rabbi and Cantor to foster a Reform Jewish spiritual life for Temple Sinai.

2015 Ritual Committee Update

The Ritual Committee is a group of temple members who find it rewarding to support the clergy in their efforts to build a rich and relevant ritual experience at Temple Sinai.  Our rabbi and cantor put an extraordinary effort into designing and leading the High Holiday and festival services, Shabbat services, B’nei Mitzvahs, life cycle rituals, Jewish themed musical events, and much more.  The Committee ‘s primary role is to serve as a source of advice and ideas to the clergy as well as to take leadership roles as individuals in a variety of ritual activities.   

The Committee is open to all members who wish to participate.  We welcome members of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge of worship ritual.  Our temple members have diverse feelings about what their ideal ritual experience should be; we strive to accommodate as broad a spectrum as possible within the Reform tradition. 

We typically meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 p.m. in the Temple boardroom.  Please join us.






Ritual committee in progress

The current chair of the Ritual Committee is Sol Jacobson (judynsol@gmail.com).  He grew up in Brooklyn in a conservative home.  His family has been a Temple member for more than 25 years. They were delighted to celebrate the B'nei Mitzvahs of our 3 children at Temple Sinai. My wife Judy has been a Temple board member and was the 1st lay leader of the Tot Shabbat program. I am pleased to work with the Rabbi, Cantor and the Ritual Committee and welcome other Temple members to join our committee.






Chairman Sol Jacobsen


Committee members take leadership roles in many activities.  They include:




B’nei Mitzvah program assessment


Sol Jacobsen (judynsol@gmail.com)

B’nei Mitzvah parent liaison


Jodi Shepard (jc.shepard2@verizon.net)

Budget and Finance


Andy Garman (agarman@nvpllc.com)

Cantor’s Concert


Andy Garman (agarman@nvpllc.com)

Shabbat lay service leaders, d’var torah leaders, and torah readers


Bruce Stein (Bru53a@aol.com)

Selichot reception


Kim McConnell (kim@mymcconnell.com)

High Holiday ushers

Marc Levine (MLevine@scidesign.com)

High Holiday communications and new Machzor


Andy  Garman (agarman@nvpllc.com)
Sukkah assembly

Barry Troy (barrytroy@mac.com)

Greeters at services

Kim McConnell (kim@mymcconnell.com)

Community Seder

Kim McConnell (kim@mymcconnell.com)/Kathryn Garman (agarman2@verizon.net)


Sandi Raimer (sandi_singer@msn.com)

On-line streaming of services

Sol Jacobson (judynsol@gmail.com)

Shavuot Cineplex

Sandi Raimer (sandi_singer@msn.com)

Student service attendance program

Jodi Sheperd (jc.shepard2@verizon.net) /Sol Jacobsen


Andy Garman (agarman@nvpllc.com)